Digital marketing agency

We ensure all the elements of your digital marketing strategy work together in harmony.

Heue is a London based digital marketing agency which covers the full spectrum of digital marketing specialising in design, branding, social media and advertising.

By covering these areas we’re able to take a holistic look at your digital marketing strategy, and create a plan that ensures all the key components work together to boost your bottom-line

Our focus, every brief, is on delivering measurable results. Treating every client’s business as carefully and as uniquely as we do our own.



Aaron and Bjion’s partnership kicked off 6 years back with Self Made, a company they successfully marketed across social media and then sold.

Freelancing as a team followed, where they worked on branding and design projects, before branching out, Aaron launching a clothing brand while freelancing at a digital marketing agency, Bjion joining Google and managing clients with a collective quarterly spend north of $3M.

Then when both were looking for a new challenge, they decided to reunite and form Heue.