Apply “showcase” or “grid” style. Yes, it’s unique feature like entire theme.


The Native is an online magazine for Nigerian millennials who we worked alongside with to launch their brand in the fall of 2016. We were challenged to create the branding, website, social media and festival visuals 22nd I'll be in Nigeria #nativeland 🇳🇬🌎 — …


Keakie is a digital hip-hop platform which utilises artificial intelligence to create a personal experience for its users. We worked alongside their team to create a brand aesthetic which was artistic, elusive and trendy.

ECI Limited

ECI Limited is a British consultancy company launching in Saudi Arabia in the next couple of months. They’ll be offering education expertise to Middle Eastern education establishments like universities, government and private institutions.


This is a live prototype for an app-startup launching soon, designed by Heue Digital. Due to non-disclosure agreements, only parts of the app are shown.

Google AASU

During my internship at Google, I was made part of the Adopt A Startup team and tasked with developing its branding and website.


Pre-Sessions was an idea created by dgtl concepts. It involved hosting an event similar to a pre-game, but instead of it happening round someone’s house, it would take place inside a club with DJs.

Self Made

At the age of 17, two members of Heue Digital created the brand, Self-Made, from scratch and built up a following via social media to sell various clothing products. W: By Ciesay & Solomon


PartyPal is a nightlife app that helps party-goers find hosts at nightclubs and other venues. We partook in the ideation stage of the project and managed the branding, design and user experience.


New York based fashion brand Briu Homme asked us to create a platform from which to sell their garments. W: